Why Cypress ?

Why Cypress ?

Why Cypress ?

If you ask any web developer what is your preferred framework to developing a web application, without any time the answer would be JavaScript framework.
Below are the JavaScript frameworks trending in 2019:

=> Angular
=> React Native
=> Ember.js
=> Node.js
=> Meteor.js
=> Vue.Js

When the most of the Web developers are moving towards the JavaScript frameworks, it’s time to switch to a test automation framework which will support JavaScript based web applications.
We have many automation frameworks many people are using in the market but Cypress is becoming a very attractive and can be used with any framework, not only Angular.

How Cypress is Unique:

=> Simulate a “Real” user:
Selenium executes the scripts in a process outside browser whereas Cypress replicates what a real user does on a real browser.

=> Easy Installation:
You need not to configure Chai /Expect.js for reporting
You need not to configure Jasmin/Mocha for Unit testing framework
You need not to configure Sinon for mocking

Just single command is enough to make the tool ready to work. It will pack all the necessary configuration and environment setting that one needed to start scripting.

npm install cypress --save-dev


=> Performance:
Cypress will run on a native Browser which makes the test execution faster

=> Dashboard:
You doesn’t need any extra setup to see this, it’s inbuilt
It’s very hard to explain the features that we have on the Cypress Dashboard.
It will give pin point results like what is happening and where is happening.
Cumulative results can be seen in a single dashboard.

Please leave your questions/comments/feedback below.

Happy Learning ?

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