What is Selenium?

What is Selenium?

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Selenium in simple terms is a Test Automation Tool.

Pre-requisites required for understanding Selenium:

Before understanding Selenium, you need to first understand all the pre-requisites required from the below articles :

What is Selenium?

Selenium in Simple terms is a Test Automation tool. In order to understand Selenium Test Automation tool in a better way, we have to first understand the difference between Manual Testing and Automation Testing.

Difference between Manual Testing and Automation Testing

  • > In Manual Testing, a person having role as a Tester will be sitting before the computer to check whether the application functionality is working as expected.
  • > In Automation Testing, we will be using Automation Tools to perform the Testing
  • > Hence in Manual Testing, a person will be performing the testing instead of tools and where as in Automation Testing, a tool will be performing testing with an intention of saving testing time of a tester

How can an Automation Tool perform Testing?

  • > Step#1: Testers/Automation engineers will create the automation code using any Selenium supported language say Java and put the developed code into the Automation tool like Selenium
  • > Step#2: Automation Tool like Selenium will execute the automation code developed by Testers/Automation Engineers to test the applications functionality.

Conclusion: Selenium is a Test Automation Tool, using which we can create and execute the automation scenarios with an intention of testing the application functionality by saving the time of a tester.

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