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What is Performance Testing?

What is Performance Testing?

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What is Performance Testing?

Performance Testing (Perf Testing) is a type of Non-Functional Testing which determines – How the System is behaving under expected workload and also under extreme conditions.

The purpose of Performance Testing is to find and remove any Performance Bottlenecks from the Application Under Test (i.e. Performance Issues).

The main objective of the Performance Testing is to Test whether the Application Under Test is meeting the below expected requirements:

  1. Speed  – To check whether the Application Under Test is responding fast
  2. Scalability – To check the maximum user load that the Application Under Test can handle
  3. Stability – To check whether the Application Under Test is stable and not breaking under different loads
  4. And others

In simple words, we can Test application speed, reliability and robustness of any application under Performance Testing with an intention of finding issues and getting them resolved to improve the performance.

The following topics on Performance Testing will be explained in detail in the upcoming articles:

  1. Importance of Performance Testing
  2. Main objectives for performing Performance Testing
  3. Types of Performance Testing
  4. Performance Testing Metrics
  5. Common Performance Problems
  6. Performance Testing Tools and comparison
  7. Performance Testing Process
  8. And many more

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