WebDriverIO – Visual Studio Code IDE Downloading, Installing and Launching

WebDriverIO – Visual Studio Code IDE Downloading, Installing and Launching

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WebDriverIO – Visual Studio Code IDE Downloading, Installing & Launching

Till now we have not used any advanced editor for creating our WebDriverIO Automation scripts. Advanced editors will make our job easy while creating and executing the scripts, apart from other benefits that we will see in the coming articles.

There are many advanced editors we can use with WebDriverIO, but ‘Visual Studio Code’ is the one I would like to recommend for practicing WebDriverIO Automation scripts.

So, lets gets started with ‘Visual Studio Code’ Advanced Editor.

Visual Studio Code is a useful, lightweight, open-source and free IDE with support for debugging Node.JS applications. And it allows you to interactively debug WebdriverIO code.

Following are the steps to Download and run ‘Visual Studio Code’ IDE on Windows 10:-

  1. Navigate to URL :- https://code.visualstudio.com/download
  2. Go to System Installer and Depending on your system configuration whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit. Download the installer. Mine is 64 bit. So I am downloading 64 bit System Installer.
  3.  Double Click on Installer and Click on next button.
  4. Select License Agreement and Click on Next Button
  5. Select Destination Location where you want to install Visual Studio Code IDE and click on Next button
  6. Select ‘create a desktop icon’ check box plus select ‘Add to Path’ checkbox and click on Next button.
  7. Click on Install Button
  8. After Installation has been done in last step. Select ‘Launch Visual Studio code’ checkbox option and Click on Finish Button
  9. Congratulations! Visual Studio Code has been installed successfully and will be running on your system as shown below:
    Next Steps:> To learn more about WebDriverIO, continue to the next post (Click on Next Post link below)> Check complete WebDriverIO Tutorial Contents here (Click here)Please leave your questions/comments/feedback below.Happy Learning ?

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  • Hi Ajay,
    I have one request, Can you tell me how to debug the code in Visual studio code. I am working on Protractor using VS code but I am unable to debug the script.

  • Hi Mallikarjuna,

    We will be covering that in upcoming articles.



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