Software Testing Q&A By Aditya
Software Testing Q and A By Aditya What is Software Testing? In short, I would say software testing is a process to perform the functionality and quality check of the software product which matches the expected business requirements of the stakeholder and marking the product as a Bug free for end users. What is black… (2 comments)

What is Mutation Testing?
<<Previous Post                              << Complete Tutorial>>                                 Next Post>> What is Mutation Testing? Mutation Testing is a white box testing technique in which the application source code is mutated(changed) in small… (0 comment)

What is Ad-hoc Testing?
<<Previous Post                              << Complete Tutorial>>                                 Next Post>> What is Ad-hoc Testing? Ad-hoc Testing is an informal and unplanned type of testing, where testers randomly perform testing on any… (0 comment)

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