QAFox contributes towards Global Software Testing community by sharing a lot of tutorials and full video courses for free.

The majority of sponsorship funds go directly towards supporting the QAFox project, such as server, software expenses, community events like webinar, meet-ups and sharing more useful content around Software Testing etc.


We are group of Software Testers creating content around anything related to Software Testing. We want to be able to continue improving
QAFox — by contributing more to the Software Testing Community with more tutorials and video courses for free. I want sponsors to be able to make tax-deductible donations and for the project to publicly acknowledge these donations.

Benefits of Sponsorship


Sponsorship Levels

Below are the names and amounts associated with levels of sponsorship (all values in USD).

      • QAFox: $10,000
      • Platinum: $5,000
      • Gold: $2,500
      • Silver: $500
      • Bronze: $250
      • Patron: $100 – $200

How to Donate

Please connect with me at [email protected] or linkedin.
Will share the account details to process the payment meanwhile I am setting up the payment gateway to make this process smooth. I can also email you wire transfer instructions and/or provide an invoice for your sponsorship.

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