What is SeleniumHQ ?

What is SeleniumHQ ?

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What is SeleniumHQ?

SeleniumHQ ( is the official website of Selenium.

Overview of SeleniumHQ (Official Website of Selenium)

  • > Information related to different Components of Selenium
  • > Downloading Selenium components and related stuff (Includes latest and older versions)
  • > Documentation on different topics related to Selenium component and Automation concepts
  • > Getting support from Selenium Group and Chat
  • > Reporting issues related to Selenium
  • > Official blog, Events and News on Selenium
  • > Selenium Sponsorship and Sponsors related information
  • > Contribution to Selenium Open Source initiative by contributing to the code, testing the code, documenting the details in the website etc.

Different Pages on SeleniumHQ Website:

The following are the different pages on SeleniumHQ website:

  • > Projects Page
    • >  Where the information related to different Selenium Components will be available
  • > Download Page
    • > Where we can download Selenium and other different things related to Selenium
  • > Documentation Page
    • > Documentation provided by Selenium Guys on different topics related to Selenium and Automation will be available
  • > Support Page
    • > Join Selenium User Group
      • > To discuss different things on Selenium
    • > Selenium Chat Room
      • > To ask any questions on Selenium
    • > Selenium Bug Tracker
      • > Report the issues related to Selenium tools here
    • > Sponsors of Selenium
      • > Find the information related to different sponsors who are funding Selenium
  • > About Page
    • > Selenium Blog
    • > Selenium Events
    • > Selenium News
    • > Other options to sponsor or contribute to Selenium

Walk-through of SeleniumHQ Website is available in the below video:

Important URL addresses on SeleniumHQ Website:


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