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Free Selenium eBook

Overview: The whole and sole purpose of this eBook is to give you a high level and big picture on Selenium Test Automation Tool. I believe this eBook will be very useful for the beginners, who want to know the in and out of Selenium at a high level so that they can begin their journey on Selenium well. Without any doubt, this book will also be very useful for the ones, who believe they have already learned Selenium and also the people who are in the process of learning Selenium, as they can cross-check they’re yet to date learning and see whether they are up to the mark in Selenium.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

 Overview
 What is Selenium?
 Things that Selenium can automate
 Things that Selenium cannot automate
 Selenium is an open source and free tool
 Different components in Selenium
 Browsers supported by Selenium
 Operating Systems supported by Selenium
 Programming languages supported by Selenium
 Different versions of Selenium
 History of Selenium

Chapter 2: Prerequisites

 Prerequisites required for learning Selenium
 Software Testing Basics required for learning Selenium
 Test Automation Basics required for learning Selenium
 Java Concept required for learning Selenium
 Web Technologies required for learning Selenium

Chapter 3: Locators and Add-ons

 Purpose of Locators in Selenium
 Different types of Locators Strategies
 Locators Priority
 Xpath Expressions versus CSS Selectors
 Add-ons required for generating Locators

Chapter 4: Selenium Components

 Selenium Tools Set
 Selenium IDE
 Selenium RC
 Selenium WebDriver
 Selenium Grid

Chapter 5: Unit Testing Frameworks

 Unit Testing
 Unit Testing Frameworks
 Purpose of using Unit Testing Frameworks in Selenium
 Unit Testing Frameworks supported by Selenium
 TestNG Unit Testing Framework
 Advantages of TestNG Unit Testing Framework
 Installing TestNG Unit Testing Framework
 TestNG Annotations
 Different TestNG Annotations

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