Selenium Locators – XPath Functions

Selenium Locators – XPath Functions

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In continuation of the previous articles on Relative XPath Expressions, I am going to explain the usage of XPath Functions as part of XPath Expressions in this article.

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Let’s get started.

Selenium Locators – XPath Functions

The following are the different XPath functions that are generally used in Selenium:

  1. text()
  2. contains()
  3. starts-with()
  4. last()
  5. position()

Apart from the above listed functions, we have below functions in XPath that we don’t generally use in Selenium:

  1. id()
  2. name()
  3. count()
  4. local-name()
  5. namespace-uri()
  6. string()
  7. concat()
  8. substring-before()
  9. substring-after()
  10. substring()
  11. string-length()
  12. normalize-space()
  13. translate()
  14. boolean()
  15. not()
  16. true()
  17. false()
  18. lang()
  19. number()
  20. sum()
  21. floor()
  22. ceiling()
  23. round()

As already mentioned, we don’t have to learn all the functions listed above, intead we should only learn the first five functions as part of Selenium (i.e. text(), contains(), starts-with(), last() and position())

I will practically demonstrate all these required 5 functions of XPath in the next article.

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