Selenium Locators – Firebug and Firepath Alternatives

Selenium Locators – Firebug and Firepath Alternatives

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In the previous article, I have explained that the Firebug got deprecated and discontinued.

In this article, I am going to list down the different alternatives for Firebug and Firepath.

Let’s get started.

Selenium Locators – Firebug and Firepath Alternatives

Though ChroPath in Chrome browser is the best alternative for Firefox Add-ons, the following are the different alternatives available:

Note: All the below-listed alternatives are explained in detail in this tutorial as part of the upcoming articles.

  1. ChroPath (Chrome and Firefox Browsers)
  2. devtools-highlighter (Firefox Browser)
  3. Try Xpath (Firefox Browser)
  4. Default Chrome Dev Tools (Chrome Browser)
  5. XPath Finder (Chrome Browser)
  6. XPath helper (Chrome Browser)
  7. Relative XPath Helper (Chrome Browser)
  8. MRI (Internet Explorer Browser)
  9. TruePath (Chrome and Firefox Browser)
  10. Ranorex Selocity (Chrome Browser)
  11. Chrome Dev Tools (Chrome Browser)
  12. Firefox Dev Tools (Firefox Browser)
  13. Chrome Console (Chrome Browser)

Here concludes this article.

In the next article, I will practically demonstrate installing the best alternative for Firebug and Firepath (i.e. Installing ChroPath in chrome browser).

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