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Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Selenium ? What are the different components and versions of Selenium?

2. What are Locators, different types of locators and their priorities in Selenium?

3. What are the different types of drivers in Selenium WebDriver?

4. How do I launch the browser using WebDriver?

5. What are the different types of navigation commands in WebDriver?

6. How can you find whether an element is displayed on the screen using Selenium?

7. How can we get a text on a web element using Selenium WebDriver?

8. How to type into a text box using Selenium?

9. How to handle a drop-down field and select a value from it using Selenium?

10. What are the different types of waits available in WebDriver?

11. What is the latest Selenium tool?

12. What do we mean by Selenium 1, Selenium 2 and Selenium 3?

13. When should I use Selenium Grid?

14. What is the difference between / and // in XPath?

15. What is an XPath?

16. What is the difference between driver.close() and driver.quit() commands?

17. Is WebDriver a class or interface?

18. What is the super interface of WebDriver?

19. How to find more than one web element in to a list?

20. Is FirefoxDriver a class or interface?

21. Explain the line of code WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();?

22. How to handle frames in WebDriver?

23. How to click on a hyper-link using Selenium WebDriver?

24. What are the programming languages supported by Selenium WebDriver?

25. What are the operating systems supported by Selenium WebDriver?

26. What are the browsers supported by Selenium WebDriver?

27. What is the difference between Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait?

28. How to read and verify the text on the tool tip using Selenium WebDriver?

29. Can Selenium Automate Desktop Applications?

30. What is the main component of Selenium?

31. What is an XPath, difference between Absolute and Relative XPath with examples?

32. What is the disadvantage of Absolute XPath & why is Relative XPath recommended?

33. What is an Absolute XPath? Write its syntax?

34. What is a Relative XPath? Write its syntax?

35. How to execute JavaScript in Selenium?

36. What is the concept that makes XPath Expressions powerful ?

37. Why CSS Selectors have higher priority over XPath Expressions?

38. Names of add-ons which can auto generate the XPath Expressions and CSS Selectors

39. Java program for printing the even numbers between 1 and 100 using for loop?

40. Write a Java program to find the sum of first 100 numbers using for loop?

41. Prints numbers from 1 to 100. Print number and Divisible by 5 text if divisible?

42. Does Java supports multiple inheritance? Give reasons?

43. What is the parent or base class of all the classes in Java?

44. What is the difference between instance variable and local variable?

45. Is Java a pure 100% Object Oriented Programming language?

46. What is the difference in between Primitive & Non-Primitive Data types in Java?

47. Why Strings are immutable in Java?

48. What is the difference between String and StringBuffer?

49. Accessing all elements inside int[][] a = {{5,2,9},{4,6,8}}; using for loop?

50. Assign different values say integer, character, string etc into a single array?

51. What is the disadvantage of array?

52. What is the difference between equals() and == operator?

53. What is the purpose of using Wrapper classes in Java?

54. How to capture screen-shot in Selenium WebDriver?

55. What is Automation Testing?

56. What is the difference between Manual and Automation Testing?

57. What are primitive data types in Java?

58. Can we create an object for an interface?

59. Can we create an object for an abstract class?

60. Can we write Webdriver driver = new Webdriver(); ?

61. What is the purpose of using Constructors in Java?

62. How Constructors are different from Methods in Java?

63. What is the purpose of using ‘this’ keyword in Java?

64. What is Overloading in Java?

65. What is the purpose of using Packages in Java?

66. Keyword used by Java class to inherit the properties of another Class?

67. How to access the variables and methods of another Class in Java?

68. What is Overriding in Java?

69. Is Overriding applicable for Constructors in Java?

70. What are the different modifiers in Java?

71. What is the difference between default and protected access modifiers in Java?

72. How to select a radio button in Selenium WebDriver?

73. Why do you get NoSuchElementException?

74. How can we fetch the page source in Selenium?

75. How can we fetch the title of the page in Selenium?

76. What is the difference between static and instance variable in Java?

77. What is the difference between static and non-static methods in Java?

78. What happens on specifying final modifier with variables & methods in Java?

79. What is the difference between abstract classes and interfaces in Java?

80. What is the keyword used for inheriting the interfaces in Java?

81. Can Captcha be automated using Selenium?

82. How to clear the text inside the text box fields using Selenium WebDriver?

83. What is the default timeout of Selenium WebDriver?

84. How can we submit a form in Selenium?

85. What is the purpose of getOptions() method?

86. Write an XPath to find all the hyper-links on a web page?

87. What is Select Class in Selenium WebDriver and how to use it?

88. How to handle alerts in Selenium WebDriver?

89. What is click() command in Selenium WebDriver?

90. What is sendKeys() command in Selenium WebDriver?

91. How to delete cookies in Selenium?

92. How to get the href of a link?

93. How do you click on a menu item in a drop down menu?

94. How to get typed text from a textbox?

95. How to type text in a new line inside a text area?

96. How to resize browser window using Selenium WebDriver?

97. How to scroll web page up and down using Selenium WebDriver?

98. How to perform right click (Context Click) action in Selenium WebDriver?

99. How to perform double click action in Selenium WebDriver?

100. How to perform drag and drop action in Selenium WebDriver?

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