API-Microservice-WebUI-CICD Be a SDET with Full Stack QA Training (Live Classes) By Real Time Expert

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We are starting a new batch for API-Microservice-WebUI-CICD Be a SDET with Full Stack QA Training from April 3rd, 2021.

Note: Trainer has 10 plus years of experience.

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Here are the high level training details, followed by the complete training content:

Demo Date Training Start Date Training Duration Training Days Timings Training Cost
March 27th, 2021 – 7:30 PM IST April 3rd, 2021 70+ Hours Weekends – i.e Saturday and Sunday (IST) 7 to 9 PM IST Rs 7500

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Training Deliverables:

Daily recordings and Class Notes Interview Question Set Frameworks for both API amd UI
Job Notifications Two real time Live Projects Mock Interview
Interview Tips System Setup for Automation CI-CD Integration
Assignments for practice Latest Automation Technologies And many more

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Training Contents:

API Automation and DevOps CI/CD (Contents):

API Testing using Postman Learn Postman Tool from Scratch: – Collection, Runner, Global variable, Methods,Headers,Body,Params,Auth Microservice testing/Web Services Testing
POJO implementation JSON implementation along with Test data management API testing for Integration-Unit-Functional
How to Create API test scenario How to debug API scripts and issues Design patterns for generic framework
Rest API and Soap API TestData from json file Cloud Fundamentals
Design Fake API with Json-Server to use in testing Create and read properties file How to integrate automation suite with CI/CD-jenkins
Jenkins Job Schedule with CRON Source Code Management with GIT Rest API methods GET/POST/PUT/Delete/Options/Head (Functional And Automation)
Parameters: Headers (Authentication and Authorization), Cookies, QueryParameter, Path Parameter and Form Parameter StatusCodes validation JSON into object – Serialization and De-serialization
Response Body validation along with Schema API Automation with Rest Assured from scratch: Gherking language (@given,@when,@then), Framework Design, Folder Structure and Framework Setup From Scratch with Gradle/Maven TestNG: Testng.xml design techniques, Suite in testing, Testng annotations along with real-time scenarios, Retry listeners setup for framework and Parallel Execution Using TestNG
Dependency Management with Maven/Gradle Basics of Maven and Gradle Interview question bank and cheatsheet
Interview question bank and cheatsheet REsume preparation tips Create POM.xml for maven
Extent Reporting: Extent config .xml and How to generate HTML Report using Extent Reporting Trigger Email: Trigger email with html report generated above Live Project with framework
ADD code to git REPO Logging with Log4j Core Java: Collections, Exception Handling, String Manipulation, Array, OOPS with real-time examples, Package/Class/Object and Core java for Automation Testing
Bonus: Docker and CI/CD implementation Linux Jenkins with pipeline

UI Automation and SDET (Contents):

UI Automation with Selenium Webdriver from scratch Selenium Webdriver Methods and Architecture Xpath Axes methods with locator techniques
DOM Structure Java Basics Installation guide for all tools and jars
Framework Design from scratch TestNG annotation for Test Script Design Dependency Management with Maven
Extent Reporting for HTML Report Trigger Email Automation Live Project with setup from scratch
Cross browser Testing Setup How to debug selenium scripts and issues Design patterns: Singleton/factory pattern
Parallel TEsting with Selenium Grid Docker integration CI-CD INtegration with Automation Suite
Jenkins setup for pipeline Linux Commands Retry Listeners
How to use Core java concepts in Automation Framework GIT Integration for Source Code Repository Build Automation
Test Data Management with JSON Properties file reader Batch Script to run automation suite
Devops Introduction Interview question set with answers Resume preparation with project
One to One doubt session Java Basics Collections (List, Map, Set)
Exception Handling String Manipulation Arrays
OOPS Concepts Java Coding Interview Questions for SDET and QAE And many more

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