The importance of Security Testing
While the complexity of the software systems is increasing along with the advancements in the technologies like Mobile, Cloud, AI, IoT etc., the threats from cyber-attacks are also increasing in parallel. As a result of these security breaches/attacks, the organizations may not only face financial loses but also lose their reputation in the market. Hence… (0 comment)

Security Testing – The 5 Phases of Penetration Testing
While the Vulnerability Assessment is performed to identify and report the vulnerabilities in the system, Penetration Testing is performed to exploit/attack the identified vulnerabilities to check whether the identified vulnerabilities can be compromised. The following are the 5 different phases of Penetration Testing:   The 5 Phases of Penetration Testing: The following are the different phases… (2 comments)

Security Testing – Attributes
Security Testing is performed to find the security flaws in the systems under test. The purpose of Security Testing is to identify the security flaws/loopholes/weaknesses in the system with an intention of protecting the system against the possible attacks. The following are the different security testing attributes/requirements/measures which needs to be taken care, in order… (0 comment)

Security Testing – All about OWASP
OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is an open community, whose primary objective is to encourage all organizations in improving their Software Security. Being a non-profitable organization, OWASP is providing free tools, information on Security Standards, books (Application Security Testing, Secure Code Development & Secure Code Review), presentations, documents, videos, cheat sheets, research information, arranges… (0 comment)

What is Ad-hoc Testing?
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What is Manual Testing?
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What is End-to-End Testing?
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What is Dynamic Testing?
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