New Selenium IDE supports Continuous Integration

New Selenium IDE supports Continuous Integration

As part of explaining all the new features in the latest Selenium IDE, I will explain using New Selenium IDE Tests in Continous Integration process.

Before I explain using New Selenium IDE Tests in Continuous Integration Process, we have to first understand the Continuous Integration Process and the role of using Selenium IDE Tests the Continuous Integration process.

Continuous Integration

In Software Development, different development tasks in the Project are distributed between different developers and when their tasks are completed they are asked to integrate at a centralized location.

A developer working on a development task needs to integrate his completed work to the centralized code location multiple times in a day. But there is a challenge in integrating his developed code multiple times, as one of his integrations may contain some faulty code and later it becomes difficult to track the developer or fix the issue which is resulting from the faulty code. And hence it becomes difficult to revert the faulty code after so many integrations happen from different developers in the team.

To avoid the above problem, we have to implement Continuous Integration process in the above Software Development practice where frequent integrations are done by multiple developers in the team in a single day.

So, how does Continous Integration help in the above explained frequent integration problem?

By implementing Continuous Integration in the above Software Development practice, we can configure to execute Automated Tests immediately after each and every integration by the developer. i.e. When a developer integrates his code, automatically all the Automated Tests will be executed to make sure that there are no issues in the integrated code. Hence we can immediately find out the issues after each and every integration and the development process becomes fast.

New Selenium IDE supports Continuous Integration

Using Selenium IDE, we can record the Automated Tests and use them in the Continuous Integration process for verifying the developer integrations.

Then, how to configure the Continous Integration Server to execute the Selenium IDE Tests?

There are different Continous Integration Servers in the market and the below is the list of few:

  1. Jenkins
  2. Bamboo
  3. Hudson
  4. Team Foundation Server
  5. TravisCI
  6. TeamCity
  7. Anthil
  8. Buildbot
  9. Continuum
  10. Cruise Control
  11. CircleCI
  12. easyCIS
  13. FinalBuild Server/Continua CI
  14. Go
  15. Gump
  16. Mojo
  17. Parabuild
  18. Pulse
  19. QuickBuild
  20. Sin
  21. Zed
  22. And many more

We can use any of the above stated CI Servers for implementing the Continuous Integration in our Development Practice.

Jenkins CI Server

Though there are many CI Servers, I will use the famous and commonly used CI Server ‘Jenkins’ for practically demonstrating the New Selenium IDE support for Continuous Integration.

Before going ahead, we need to download and install Jenkins.

Go through the below article for Downloading and Installing Jenkins:

Now, follow the below steps for executing Selenium IDE tests using Jenkins CI Server:

1) Click on ‘Create new jobs’ on the Jenkins as shown below:

Downloading and Installing Jenkins - create new jobs

2) Provide any Project name say ‘Search’ and click on ‘Free Style Project’ as shown below:

Downloading and Installing Jenkins - project create

3) Click on the ‘OK’ button as shown below:

Downloading and Installing Jenkins - ok

4) In the displayed configure page of Jenkins, scroll down to the ‘Build’ section and click on ‘Add build step’ and then select ‘Execute windows batch command’ option as shown below:

Downloading and Installing Jenkins - execute windows batch command

I am still working on this article, as I am unable to execute the selenium-sider-runner command from here.

Will update this article, once I get a solution to this problem.

In the next article, I will practically demonstrate another new feature in the latest Selenium IDE. (new features in the latest Selenium IDE)

Next Steps:

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  • Any new updates on Jenkins ci/cd pipeline integration for a Selenium IDE project? Thanks in advance.


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