New Selenium IDE – Right-Click Options during Recording

New Selenium IDE – Right-Click Options during Recording

As part of exploring the other Selenium IDE features in-depth, I will explain about the Selenium IDE options that are displayed on right-clicking on the web page during the recording process.

Let’s get started with a practical demonstration.

New Selenium IDE – Right-Click Options during Recording

Follow the below steps for exploring the right-click options of Selenium IDE that are displayed on the web pages during the recording process:

1) Launch the Selenium IDE and observe that it is in the recording mode as shown below:

Right Click Selenium IDE - recording mode

2) While the recording is on, right-click on any element on the web page as shown below and observe that the different Selenium IDE Right-click options will be displayed as shown below:

Note: Right-click options that will be displayed are Mouse Over, Verify Text, Verify Title, Assert Text, Assert Title, Store Text, and Store Title.

Recording Right Click Selenium IDE - options

3) Let’s right-click multiple times on the above-shown element and select the Selenium-IDE right-click options one after the other while the recording is going on.

Observe that all the Right-click selected options will be recording in the Selenium IDE as shown below:

Recording Right Click Selenium IDE - recorded

Here concludes the practical demonstration of the Selenium IDE Right-click options on the web page when the recording is going on.

In the next article, I will practically demonstrate another Selenium IDE feature to be explored (Refer other features to be explored here)

Next Steps:

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