New Selenium IDE – Exploring Other Features

New Selenium IDE – Exploring Other Features

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Apart from the Selenium IDE features explained in the previous articles of this tutorial, we can explore other features for using Selenium IDE functionality in depth.

The following are the list of other Selenium IDE features we can explore in-depth:

  1. New Selenium IDE – Right-Click Options during Recording
  2. New Selenium IDE saves the Tests with side extension file having JSON Content
  3. New Selenium IDE – Exporting Recorded Tests in different programming language formats
  4. New Selenium IDE – Debugging options
  5. New Selenium IDE – Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Clear All Commands Options
  6. New Selenium IDE – Add, Rename, Duplicate and Delete Test Options
  7. New Selenium IDE – Test Suite Options
  8. New Selenium IDE – Creating, Renaming, Saving and Opening Projects
  9. New Selenium IDE – Other Remaining Options

Here concludes this article on exploring other features in Selenium IDE.

In the next article, I will explain more about the New Selenium IDE and how it is different from the older version of Selenium IDE in a detailed and practical manner.

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