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My Quora Articles on Software Testing

My Quora Articles on Software Testing

My Quora Articles on Software Testing (QAFox)

With an intention of contributing to the Software Testing community, I have written the below Quora articles on Software Testing concepts and tools so far and will be contributing more in the coming future. Please find the below Quora articles written by me so far and click on them to read:

  1. What are the top resources for learning Selenium Automation?
  2. What are the key points to learn Selenium?
  3. What is the best platform to learn Selenium testing?
  4. What is the latest Selenium Tool?
  5. What is the difference between “/” and “//” in XPath?
  6. Is it worth learning Selenium framework in 2019?
  7. What are the basics of Selenium testing?
  8. How do I learn Selenium WebDriver in 20 days?
  9. Which is the best selenium institute in Noida?
  10. Which has better career opportunities, testing with Selenium or QTP?
  11. Which is the latest Selenium IDE?
  12. What are the prerequisites to learn selenium?
  13. What are some good sites for selenium interview questions for 2 years experience?
  14. What are the 100 best interview questions for Selenium?
  15. What are the tricky questions asked in the Selenium interview?
  16. What kind of questions are asked in selenium interviews?
  17. What are the top technical interview questions asked for people in Selenium automation using WebDriver?
  18. How should I prepare myself for the Selenium WebDriver interview?
  19. What are the Components of Selenium?
  20. Is Selenium Webdriver completely open source? How does the project get funded and stay active?
  21. Can selenium be used for Windows application testing?
  22. Can I use Selenium for automating mobile apps?
  23. Which is the best online training for Selenium?
  24. What web browsers does Selenium support?
  25. What are the browsers supported by Selenium IDE?
  26. Which programming language is better for writing Selenium webdriver scripts, Python or Java? Which is widely used and why?
  27. What are the programming languages supported by Selenium WebDriver?
  28. What are the Operating Systems supported by Selenium WebDriver?
  29. What is Selenium HQ?
  30. What is the current version of the Selenium webdriver?
  31. What is Selenium WebDriver’s latest version?
  32. What is selenium history? Who created Selenium?
  33. What is the best and free online course to learn WebdriverIO?
  34. How did Selenium tool name originate?
  35. What are the most frequently asked Selenium interview questions?
  36. What is selenium?
  37. Is there such a thing as a full stack QA engineer or SET? If so, what kind of skills one should have in order to qualify?
  38. How do I learn Selenium on my own?
  39. What is the difference between selenium 3.0 and selenium 2.0?
  40. What are the new features of Selenium 4?
  41. What is your review of uTest?
  42. How do I practice selenium testing on free live projects?
  43. What technologies are needed to learn for a tester apart from selenium to be more successful in the future?
  44. What Test Automation Tools are most widely used?

Will contribute more answers for the Quora questions in the coming days.

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