Java for Testers – Arithmetic Operators

Java for Testers – Arithmetic Operators

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In the previous article, I have explained about different types of Operators in Java.

In this article, I am going to explain about different Arithmetic Operators in Java.

Java for Testers – Arithmetic Operators

There are different types of Operators in Java and Arithmetic Operators are one of those types.

Different Arithmetic Operators in Java

The following are the different Arithmetic Operators in Java:

  1. Addition Operator (+ symbol)
  2. Subtraction Operator (- symbol)
  3. Multiplication Operator (* symbol)
  4. Division Operator (/ symbol)
  5. Modulus Operator (% symbol)
  6. Increment Operator (++ symbol)
  7. Decrement Operator (– symbol)

The following diagram depicts the different types of Arithmetic Operators in Java:

Arithmetic Operators - Types

All the above Arithmetic Operators will be explained with more practical examples in the upcoming articles.

Here concludes this article.

In the next article, I will explain and practically demonstrate Addition Operator using various examples.

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