Java for Testers – About this Tutorial

Java for Testers – About this Tutorial

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Welcome to the first article in our ‘Java for Testers’ Tutorial.

In this article, I would like to set the below expectations before moving ahead.

  1. This Tutorial is for absolute beginners
  2. Those having a little bit or good knowledge on Java already can use this Tutorial as a reference
  3. All the installations required will be explained in a practical and step by step manner in this Tutorial itself.
  4. To make this Tutorial more practical and easy, I will explain by executing Java programs in Eclipse IDE
  5. I will try to provide as many numbers of examples for practicing and understanding Java concepts
  6. To automate any application using Automation Tools like Selenium or Appium, we need to learn any programming language like Java.
  7. All the Java concepts required for learning Selenium are explained in this Tutorial.
  8. This Tutorial is more organized, practical and solution-oriented.
  9. I am designing this tutorial to help you in answering most of the interview questions on Java for Automation Testers.
  10. This Tutorial will be a combination of both Java and Eclipse IDE to make your learning easier.

From the next article, I will start explaining Java in detail.

Next Steps:

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  • > Check complete Java Tutorial Contents here (Click here)

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Happy Learning ?

Arun Motoori (www.QAFox.com)

On a mission to help the Testing Community in all possible ways.

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