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C# for Selenium – Introduction to C#

C# for Selenium – Introduction to C#

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C# for Selenium – Introduction to C#

Microsoft introduced a language known as C# (pronounced as C Sharp) with the .Net Framework.

C# is designed to be an object oriented programming language (similar to Java).

C# is used in combination with .NET framework, therefore, it is the prerequisite to install .NET framework before starting to develop applications in C#.

Advantages of using C#

  • > Getting expertise on C# is very easy.
  • > It is a general purpose, easy integrating programming language.
  • > It is a highly structured and intuitive programming language.
  • > Object-Oriented concepts can be implemented efficiently using this language.
  • > It is a high-level programming language.
  • > Console, Desktop, Web and several other type of applications can be developed very easily using this language.

About this Selenium C# Tutorial:

In this Selenium C# Tutorial, I will first explain all the C# concepts and programs that are required for Selenium.

Once I am done with C# Concepts required for Selenium, then I will start explaining Selenium with C#.

I will try my level best in making this Tutorial, simple, practical and easy to learn.

Hope, you understood this article and I will be explaining more about Selenium C# related stuff in the upcoming articles.

Next Steps:

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