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Installation of Vitaq AI and running It in a Docker Container

Installation of Vitaq AI and running It in a Docker Container

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Installation of Vitaq AI and running It in a Docker Container

In this next article of the Vitaq AI Test Automation Tutorial Series, I will demonstrate the step by step installation of Vitaq AI and then explain how we can run it from the Docker Container.

Pre-requisite:- Docker should be installed in your work station and should be up and running plus be able to execute Docker commands at a command prompt. If you do not have Docker installed, then please follow the installation guides at the Docker website.

Let’s see the Vitaq installation process step by step:- 

1) Vitaq AI comes as a google drive link from where you can download the whole image at once. Vitaq AI comes as a compressed tar Docker image file that can be directly loaded into Docker irrespective of any operating system you use. As I am using the Ubuntu Operating System. So I will show you installation steps related to Ubuntu.

2) After Downloading the file, open Terminal Window which can easily be open by pressing CTRL + ALT + T key from your keyboard. or By clicking on Open in Terminal on the list displayed on the right-clicking of the mouse.

3) Now Run Command “docker load -i vitaq_evaluation_4_2_3.tar.gz” inside the folder. Where the vitaq_evaluation_4_2_3.tar.gz is the name of the docker image file you have downloaded using the link.


 4) Now Run below Command

“docker image ls”


5) Now Run Command “docker volume create pgdata”


6) And then finally the docker run command:-

“docker run –name VitaqAI_4_2_3 -p 6080:80 –mount src=pgdata,dst=/var/lib/postgresql/9.6/main –mount type=bind,src=/home/,dst=/host –privileged –shm-size 512m vitaq_evaluation:4.2.3”

Note: as this is a very long command to get right, I suggest you go to the online Vitaq documentation quick start section, click on the Linux version of the command and copy it from here:https://vitaq.online/docs/Appendix6_Docker.html#quick-start


NOTE: You are mounting your host disk to the docker image disk at /host and your home directory /home/ on your Linux machine. If you want to just mount a folder on your host machine, (i.e. where your working directory for Vitaq AI files will be stored, then you can change src:/home/ to /home/<LinuxUserName>/<FolderName>. In this example, you have to change to your user name (remember: if your Linux user name has space then you have to ‘escape’ the space character) and change to the folder you will store your Vitaq AI files on your disk.


7) Open your preferred web browser, make sure it is grown to the full screen and then Navigate to You are now in your Docker Container which has a full release of Ubuntu 18.04 desktop.


8) Go to Programming and select Vitaq Test Automation.



9) Now we are able to run Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool Successfully. But To make absolutely sure it is working correctly after installation, let’s check it by trying the Installation test. From the Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool window, use File -> Open which will open the File browser. Click on Home and then the folder examples.


10) This is Vitaq AI JavaScript Test Activity Diagram which uses Vitaq Client and selenium server. So to run it successfully we need to run our Vitaq JavaScript client and start the Selenium Server.

For that, you need to open a terminal from System Tools, LXTerminal.

Start the Vitaq JavaScript Client using the below command: “./vitaq_client.js”


After starting the Vitaq AI JavaScript client, we now have to start the Selenium Server. For that open another terminal from System Tools, LXTerminal, and run the below command 



Now Click on Run Button present on the top of Vitaq AI and see your Test Activity auto-generating tests by executing data-driven JavaScript test scripts action, after action all driven by the user journey goals in the sequences and Vitaq AI machine learning algorithms.

This is how you can do the complete installation of Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool, Stay tuned for more articles on Vitaq AI 

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