Handling Multiple Windows – Covers new commands introduced in Selenium 4 (Selenium 4 – Session 16)

Handling multiple windows

  • We get NoSuchElementException, if we try to perform operations on a new window, without switching to it during Selenium Automation
  • Windows can be opened either as new window or new tab.
  • WebDriver interface has two predefined methods getWindowHandles() and switchTo() , which helps us in handling multiple browser windows.
  • getWindowHandles() – Used to retrieve all the ids of the currently opened windows (Windows can be popup-windows, windows opened in new tabs etc)
  • switchTo() – Used to switch between different windows when multiple windows are opened by using the ids of the currently opened windows which are returned by getWindowHandles()
    • Syntax: switchTo().window(“Retrieved Window ID”);
  • Writing Programming logic for handling more windows
  • Closing active window using close()
  • Closing all windows using quit()
  • Helper method for handling windows
  • From Selenium 4, apart from just switching to new window or tab, we can also create a new window or new tab and then switch to them.
    • driver.switchTo().newWindow(WindowType.WINDOW)
    • driver.switchTo().newWindow(WindowType.TAB)
    • We can open multiple applications at the same time and automate, because of this feature.
  • Practical Demonstration
  • NoSuchWindowException – Practical Demonstration

Arun Motoori

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