Handling JavaScript Alerts, Prompts, Confirmation Dialogs, Authentication Popups, Push Notifications, Bootstrap Modal dialogs, Lightbox and Accept Cookies (Selenium 4 – Session 18)

Handling Alerts

  • When the Alerts are displayed, they won’t allow you to perform any other operation on the website
    • Practical Demonstration
    • UnhandledAlertException will be displayed
    • Same exception will be displayed if you close the browser without handling the alert.
  • Types of Alerts
    • Information Alert – hdfc netbanking
    • Confirmation Alert – hdfc netbanking
    • Prompt Alert – internet herokup
  • Handle Information Alerts using the Alert Interface
    • Practical Demonstration – internet heroku
    • Click on the button to display alert
    • We cannot inspect or perform operations on the alert by default
    • Switch to the displayed alert using switchTo().alert() of WebDriver interface
    • Read the text on the alert using getText() method of Alert interface
    • Accept the alert using accept() method of Alert interface
    • Dismiss the alert using dismiss() method of Alert interface
    • Perform some operation on the web page now or close the browser window.
    • We won’t get any UnhandledAlertException now
  • Waiting for an Alert using isAlertPresent()
    • Practical Demonstration
  • NoAlertPresentException
    • Practical Demonstration
  • Handling Confirmation Alerts
    • Practical Demonstration – Internet Heroku
  • Handling Prompts
    • Practical Demonstration – Internet Heroku

Handling Authentication Pop-up

Handling Application Web Push Notifications (Permission Pop-ups)

  • ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
  • options.addArguments(“–disable-notifications”);

Handling Bootstrap Model Dialogs

Handling Lightbox

Handling Accept all cookies dialog

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