Getting started with Java in Mac Machine (Selenium 4 – Session 4)

Getting Started with Java In Mac Machine

What is Java?

  • Java is a programming language

What is the Role of Java in Selenium?

  • Java plays a major role and Selenium is nothing without Java.

What amount of Java is enough for Selenium?

  • Java at a high level can be divided as:
    • Core Java
    • Advanced Java
  • Only Core Java is required for Selenium

Java Installation and Configuration

  • We cannot execute our Java programs without installing Java
  • Download Latest LTS version of Java and Install it
    • Search for ‘terminal’ in Spotlight and open the terminal
    • Execute java -version to check whether the Java is available in your machine or not
    • Download the latest LTS version of Java and install
    • In terminal, check whether Java is installed or not using java -version
  • Configure Java (Advanced System Settings) and confirm
    • In terminal, check JAVA_HOME is set or not using echo $JAVA_HOME
    • In terminal, type echo $SHELL
    • In terminal, type vi ~/.zshrc
    • Press i for insert and type export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)
    • Press esc :wq
    • exit
    • echo $JAVA_HOME

IntelliJ Idea Installation and Launching

  • What is IntelliJ IDEA?
  • Download Community Edition of IntelliJ and Install

Creating a Java Project in IntelliJ Idea and Executing a Sample Program

  • Create the Java Program and Execute a Sample Program

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