Getting started with Cypress

Cypress Installation:

We can install Cypress in many ways, but I recommend everyone to use NPM module to install cypress among the other ways.

For this we need node.js to be installed on your machine, below are the steps to be followed to install npm in windows environment.

Step 1: Install npm in windows:

Navigate to https://nodejs.org/en/download/ url

Click on Windows Installer

Download Windows Binary (.zip) 32- bit/64 –bit depending upon your Operating system

Extract the zip file and open the extracted folder and double click on the node.exe

Click on Next->Click on Next->Click on Next->Click on Next->Click on Next then click on Finish button on Node.js Setup dialog

Now we are good to install Cypress using npm module, below are the steps to be followed to install cypress

Step2: Install Cypress using npm

Create a folder with a name CypressDemo in your “C” drive

Open the command prompt from start menu

Execute below command and change the working directory to the newly created folder

Cd C:\CypressDemo

Then execute command to install Cypress

npm install cypress –save-dev

Now you are ready to write your own automation test scripts using Cypress.

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