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What is Functional Testing?

What is Functional Testing?

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What is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing is performed to test whether the software application is functioning according to the specified business requirements specifications. The following are verified as part of Functional Testing:
  • > Installation of the Application
  • > Application functionality
  • > User Interface of the Application
  • > API / Web Services of the Application
  • > Database of the Application
  • > Accessibility of the Application
  • > Proper error messages are displayed in the Application
Go through the following points, to further understand the Functional Testing in detail:
  • > The primary objective of the Functional Testing is to verify the functionality of the application against the business specified requirements.
  • > Functional Testing is either be performed manually or using any automation testing tools.
  • > In Functional Testing, each and every functionality of the application is tested providing the inputs and verifying the expected output by comparing actual result with the expected result.
Different types of functional testing: The following are the different major types of functional testing:
  • > Unit Testing
  • > Integration Testing
  • > System Testing
  • > Acceptance Testing
  • > Smoke Testing
  • > Sanity Testing
  • > Regression Testing
  • > Black Box Testing
  • > White Box Testing


Conclusion: The primary objective of the Functional Testing is to verify the functionality of the provided application against the business specified requirements/design specifications provided by the clients.

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  • does system testing come under functional testing or functional testing come under system testing?? its very confusiinggggggg

    • Author

      I don’t think we should be comparing these two terms. As they have their own meaning in their own content.


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