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Extending your JavaScript and Python test environment with Visual Coding

Extending your JavaScript and Python test environment with Visual Coding

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Extending your JavaScript and Python test environment with Visual Coding

In this article of the Vitaq AI Test Automation Tutorial Series, I will demonstrate how we can use the ‘feature-rich’ JavaScript and Python languages with Scriptworks (A visual coding Test Automation platform) simultaneously to achieve our Test Automation Goals in a single test environment.

Let us take the same example of “Saucedemo.com” so that everyone remains on the same page for using the power of JavaScript, Python, and Scriptworks through Vitaq AI, where we will compare the item price of a product present on the “saucedemo.com” web shopping app with a separate reference price list of all of the products. Wow! Can you imagine, we are using Scriptworks and both of these really powerful languages together in ONE and the same test environment. Are you getting excited?

Let’s Look at the scenario:- 

1) Open SauceDemo.com

2) Login with Accepted usernames and password given below on SauceDemo.com Home Page.

3) After login, you will land to the Products page. Now click on any of the products. Let’s explore ‘Sauce Labs Onesie’ for this example.

4) Now compare the Item Price of Sauce Labs Onesie with the price present in the CSV file which corresponds to the same product. It should match and print “The price is correct” in Vitaq Console Script Output. 

Let’s get this done in our Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool:-

1) Open Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool.

2) Open “SwagLabs_SW_JS_PY.vtq”

From ‘Example’ Folder and observe that the Test Action Scripts present are a combination of code from Scriptworks, JavaScript, and one Python test action for the CheckPrice Test Oracle used for our price list checking.

3) Now let’s run Individual UserJourney for Onesie by clicking on the Run Button present alongside the UserJourney name under the Sequence Tab.

4) After Run completion of “User Journey for Onesie”. Open Script output of Vitaq AI and verify message should appear as “The Price is correct”.

This is how we can use the power of Visual Scripting along with JavaScript and Python language and use their feature-rich libraries to achieve our Test Automation Goals.

Stay tuned for more articles on Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool.

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