CodeceptJS – Install Node.js on Ubuntu and Configure

CodeceptJS – Install Node.js on Ubuntu and Configure

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CodeceptJS– Install Node.js on Ubuntu and Configure

As I am using Ubuntu Operating System. So, In this Article, I will explain how to install and configure Nodejs on Ubuntu Operating System.

Follow the below steps for installing Node.js on your machine:-

1) Open https://nodejs.org/en/ and click on Other Downloads.

2) Click on other downloads and scroll down to Installing Node.js via package manager and click on it.

3) Now Click on Debian and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions link then click on Node.js binary distributions link.

4) Based on which version to install scroll down and follow the instructions for the Ubuntu operating system. I am installing Node.js v14.x so follow instructions for that as shown below.

5) While running the command in Step4 in your Ubuntu terminal if you get an error “Command ‘curl’ not found” Then run the below command to install curl.

sudo apt install curl

Note:- curl has been already installed on my ubuntu operating system that’s why it is giving the message curl is already the newest version on my machine.

6) Now run below command in continuation with command run in ubuntu terminal in step4 

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

7) To verify if nodejs has been installed in your ubuntu operating system. Run below command in ubuntu terminal.

To Know Node Version :-

Node --version

To Know NPM Version :- 

Npm --version 

This shows that Node.js has been installed and configured successfully.

Next Steps:

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