findElements() – Used to find and return more than one Web Element findElement() versus findElements() Practical Demonstrations Locating the ‘LogIn’ button and retrieve the label text on the button Locating the Options in Multi-selection box field and retrieve all the options text Locating a set of hyperlinks under a section and opening them one by one… (0 comment)

Packages Packages are created to group related classes/interfaces/other files. We generally group things to organize them better for locating them easily. Package creation – Create a new Java project say Facebook and group the Classes under various packages – view here Demonstrate – Accessing instances variables and methods from other class which is under the same package… (0 comment)

Arrays Using Arrays, multiple values of same data type can be stored into a single variable. Arrays can be categorized as below: Single Dimensional Array Example: int[] a = new int[3]; Demonstrate Declaring, Creating, Assigning and Accessing the single dimensional Array – Demonstrate here View the diagrammatic representation of single dimensional array here Shortcut representation… (0 comment)

Importance of Exploratory Testing during Software Testing Life Cycle
Importance of Exploratory Testing during Software Testing Life Cycle When software applications are tested based on tester’s experience of testing similar applications or test mandatory features of any applications, is called ad-hoc or random testing. Ad-hoc tests can be carried out without referring to requirement specification documents for the application being tested, it tests negative… (0 comment)

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