Within the field of software development, the word “bug” is rather common in the vocabulary. Though its use is somewhat ubiquitous, developers, testers, and everyone else engaged in the design and upkeep of software systems must know exactly what exactly counts as a bug in software testing. This blog post explores the nature of bugs,… (0 comment)

‘Low-Code’ Test Automation: How Visual Programming is Making It a Reality
The requirement for test automation has never been greater, with many organizations moving towards Continuous Delivery and DevOps regimes. With these rapid Build/Deploy cycles, test automation has become critical to success, removing the manual testing bottleneck is critical to keeping shorter cycle times. “Test Automation has always faced one fundamental challenge, that of knowledge capture… (0 comment)

Role of QA in DevOps
Role of QA in DevOps If you are reading this article, chances are that you are part of the QA or DevOps team. DevOps is taking over the IT market effectively, so it has more or less influences on the expectation from Developers, Ops and testers. Nearly every organization when DevOps comes into the project,… (0 comment)

Software Testing Q&A By Aditya
Software Testing Q and A By Aditya What is Software Testing? In short, I would say software testing is a process to perform the functionality and quality check of the software product which matches the expected business requirements of the stakeholder and marking the product as a Bug free for end users. What is black… (2 comments)

Insurance domain knowledge for testers
Insurance domain knowledge for testers In life there are many unforeseen incidents that we hardly imagine. We learn incidents like untimely death, accident, fire in shops or house, illness and hospitalization due to sudden health emergencies that took place with some of our relatives or neighbors, we usually ignore such events, blame the victim for… (0 comment)

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