What is Device Testing?
This is our first article on the rare topic – Device Testing. In this Tutorial, we will help the Engineers to learn the different aspects and approaches of testing mobile devices. Also, you will get familiar with many useful tools for performing Device Testing on different mobile devices. And, you can enable yourself for up-to-date… (14 comments)

Journey of a QA Freelancer at UTest
Journey of a MOM From a Developer -> Housewife -> QA Freelancer at uTest Hello Everyone, Thanks Arun for giving me chance to write about ME, My Journey and Freelancing work. Before getting started with my Journey, check my uTest Freelancing profile here: https://www.utest.com/articles/spotlight-u-meet-utester-riddhi The word ‘JOURNEY’ itself says a lot!! I know each one… (15 comments)

ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam – Questions and Answers – Mock Exam One
Hi all, Welcome to the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam  – Questions and Answers – Mock Exam One Please find the list of 40 ISTQB Certificate Exam Questions. Before attempting these questions, follow the below instructions: Instructions: You have 1 hour time. Better to set stopwatch timer for 1 hour before starting this exam. You will… (0 comment)

What is Mutation Testing?
<<Previous Post                              << Complete Tutorial>>                                 Next Post>> What is Mutation Testing? Mutation Testing is a white box testing technique in which the application source code is mutated(changed) in small… (0 comment)

What is Ad-hoc Testing?
<<Previous Post                              << Complete Tutorial>>                                 Next Post>> What is Ad-hoc Testing? Ad-hoc Testing is an informal and unplanned type of testing, where testers randomly perform testing on any… (0 comment)