Software Testing Q&A By Aditya
Software Testing Q and A By Aditya What is Software Testing? In short, I would say software testing is a process to perform the functionality and quality check of the software product which matches the expected business requirements of the stakeholder and marking the product as a Bug free for end users. What is black… (2 comments)

Insurance domain knowledge for testers
Insurance domain knowledge for testers In life there are many unforeseen incidents that we hardly imagine. We learn incidents like untimely death, accident, fire in shops or house, illness and hospitalization due to sudden health emergencies that took place with some of our relatives or neighbors, we usually ignore such events, blame the victim for… (0 comment)

Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers
Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers When anyone thinks of financial stability he thinks of banks, an individual relies on their bank accounts in order to save their money. Big businesses open their account for depositing daily cash earned from financial gains by selling their goods or services. Banks in return give these businesses loan (a… (0 comment)

eCommerce Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
eCommerce Domain Knowledge for Software Testers Trade initially was between two entities, buyer and seller, where seller will sell commodities or services required by buyer. Commodity was basically a raw material cultivated from agriculture or dug out from mining. e.g. seeds, vegetation, grain, livestock, etc. whereas services such as transportation of goods, processing of agricultural… (0 comment)

Test Management Tools
Test Management Tools In a software development life cycle, various phases are as below Requirement and Analysis phase – In this phase product team and business owner will collect requirements from the client and analysis on what is required by the clients in an application. Design phase – During this phase, the product team along… (2 comments)