Top 10 Automation Testing Tools in 2024
Automation Testing Tools Automation testing tools are crucial in accelerating the testing process and ensuring precise test results. These tools not only reduce human involvement but also minimize the chances of errors. They seamlessly integrate with DevOps and agile methodologies, allowing testing and integration without disrupting workflow. This automated approach helps maintain a level of… (0 comment)

Katalon Studio – Installing and configuring Katalon Automation Recorder
<<Previous Post       <<Complete Tutorial>>       Next Post>> In the previous article, I have explained the Requirements and Configurations required for executing Test Automation scripts in Katalon Studio. In this article, I am going to explain one of the configurations (i.e. Installing and Configuring Katalon Automation Recorder). Katalon Automation Recorder is required for… (0 comment)

Katalon Studio and Sikuli Integration
<<Previous Post       <<Complete Tutorial>>       Next Post>> In our previous article, I have explained – Automating Games using Katalon Studio. In continuation of automating games, we need to understand how to integrate Katalon Studio with Sikuli. Before integrating Katalon Studio with Sikuli, lets me give small introduction to Sikuli. What is Sikuli?… (4 comments)

Automating Games using Katalon Studio
<<Complete Tutorial>>       Next Post>> Are you searching for the resources, which help you in learning the ways to Automate Game Applications? Are you facing issues, while trying to identify or locate the UI elements displayed in the Games? Are you simply performing click operation on Game screen (which blindly clicks on the screen),… (0 comment)

Katalon Studio Versus Selenium
<<Previous Post       <<Complete Tutorial>>       Next Post>> Thanks for the great response on my previous articles (Read my previous articles on Katalon Studio Here). In this new article, I am going to compare Katalon Studio Test Automation Tool with Selenium Test Automation Tool. Before going a head understand that ‘Katalon Studio cannot… (2 comments)

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