Selenium C# Automation Tutorial

The following are the different contents in our Selenium Test Automation Tutorial:

Introduction to Selenium

  1. What is Selenium?
  2. What are the Prerequisites required for learning Selenium?
  3. What are the different components or tools of Selenium?
  4. Selenium is an Open Source and Free Test Automation Tool
  5. What types of Applications that Selenium can and cannot Automate?
  6. What are the different browsers supported by Selenium?
  7. What are the different programming languages supported by Selenium?
  8. What are the different operating systems supported by Selenium?
  9. What is SeleniumHQ?
  10. What are the different versions of Selenium?
  11. The History of Selenium
  12. How Selenium got its Name?
  13. What types of Testing can be automated using Selenium?
  14. 15 Advantages or Benefits of using Selenium Test Automation Tool
  15. 20 Disadvantages of limitations of using Selenium

HTML Basics for Selenium

  1. What is HTML (Introduction)?
  2. HTML Elements, Tags, Attributes and Enclosed Text
  3. HTML Structure
  4. Adding Title to the HTML Web Page
  5. Adding Paragraphs to the HTML Web Page
  6. Adding Bold Text to the HTML Web Page
  7. Displaying different sizes of heading on HTML Web Page
  8. Adding links to HTML Web Page
  9. Adding Ruler to HTML Web Page
  10. Adding Image to HTML Web Page
  11. Adding line breaks in the HTML Web Page
  12. Adding Paragraphs to the HTML Web Page
  13. Adding Italic Text to the HTML Web Page
  14. Adding Underlined Text to the HTML Web Page
  15. More articles coming soon

C# for Selenium

  1. Introduction to C#
  2. Introduction and Installation of Visual Studio
  3. Executing First C# Program
  4. More articles coming soon

Selenium C#

  1. Installing Selenium in Visual Studio
  2. Adding Chrome Driver to execute Selenium C# scripts on Chrome Browser
  3. Adding Gecko Driver to execute Selenium C# scripts on Firefox Browser
  4. Adding Internet Explorer Driver to execute Selenium C# scripts on Internet Explorer Browser
  5. WebDriverManager Configuration
  6. Browser Factory Program and the usage of IWebDriver interface
  7. Selenium C# – URL navigation using Navigate().GoToURL()
  8. Selenium C# – URL navigation Navigate()
  9. Selenium C# – Maximizing the Browser
  10. Selenium C# – Customizing the Browser Window Size
  11. Selenium C# – Retrieving the title of the page
  12. Selenium C# – Retrieving the Current URL of the page
  13. Selenium C# – Retrieving the Source Code of the page
  14. Selenium C# – Refreshing the page
  15. Selenium C# – Closing the Browser window
  16. More articles coming soon

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