SQL – Interview Questions & Answers – Part 2
1) What are the different types of Sub Queries? Answer: The below is the answer for this question: There are two types of Sub Queries: Single Row Sub Query Multi-Row Sub Query For detailed answer with practical examples and explanation of this answer, you can check the below youtube video: 2) What is distinct? Answer:… (0 comment)

The below are the detailed eBooks and Guides being provided by QAFox: Selenium Overview eBook Mobile Testing Detailed Guide Happy Learning 🙂 About Me > Arun Motoori On a mission to contribute to the Software Testing Community in all possible ways.… (0 comment)

The below are the different Video Tutorials created by QAFox: Locators for Selenium Video Tutorial HTML Basics for Testers Video Tutorial FireBug and FirePath Alternatives Video Tutorials Java Collections Framework Video Tutorials XPath Expression Locators Video Tutorials CSS Selectors Locators Video Tutorials New Selenium IDE Video Tutorials Selenium 4 New Features Video Tutorials Selenium Interview… (0 comment)

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QAFox Featured Articles: Mobile Testing Made Easy Tutorial – A Complete and Detailed Guide from Scratch 170 plus types of Software Testing Journey of a QA Freelancer at UTest What technologies are needed to learn for a tester apart from selenium to be more successful in the future? 1500 Selenium Java Interview Questions Agile Testing… (0 comment)

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