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How to apply for ISTQB Certification?

How to apply for ISTQB Certification?

How to apply for ISTQB Certification?

In this article, I am going to give detailed steps on how to apply ISTQB Certification Exam in India.

Make sure you enroll for the ISTQB certification well in advance to the date when you plan to take the certification. The instructions given below are for taking the ISTQB exam from the Indian Testing Board (ITB) which is the official member board for ISTQB in India.

First we need to find the ISTQB exam dates and test center location for your city from this URL – https://www.istqb.in/istqb-foundation/foundation-exam-dates . Then we need to complete the online enrollment form with our details. Instructions will be sent immediately on completion of enrollment process, to your personal email id.

The course fee for the Foundation level exam is currently  (as per date Oct 20, 2020) Rs. 4000 + Rs. 720 (IGST) = Rs. 4720 for Public Exam and Rs. 3500 + Rs. 630 (IGST) = Rs. 4130 for corporate exam (if there are more than 10 candidates from the same company for the exam, then the exam can be conducted in the company by ITB – this is called corporate exam. You can speak to the ITB contact person regarding this.)

Send a Demand Draft with the amount specified through postal mail, in favour of Software Testing Certification Board, payable at ‘NEW DELHI’ to the ITB office in Noida or the Bangalore Office at their address given below. Be sure to mention your registration details and contact information on back of the DD.

The timing and procedure of the exam will be intimated to you over email. You can register and pay for the online exam up to 11 days before the exam. On the scheduled date and time for the exam, appear for the exam. When appearing for the certification, ensure that you carry a photo identity card like Driving License, Voter Id, Passport etc.

You will be informed of the results of the Foundation level exams immediately after the exam since they are online. For other Advanced ISTQB Level exams, you will be informed of the results in 2 weeks and you will get the certificate in 8 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding your registrations, you can reach out to the contact person for your test center.

For any queries or doubts regarding the exam, we can reach out to them using the phone number and other contact details provided on their Contact US page (Refer here – https://www.istqb.in/contact-us1)

Hope you enjoyed this article.

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This article is written by Deepti Singhal

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