Appium – Launching Android Studio

Appium – Launching Android Studio

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After installing and configuring Android Studio as explained in the previous posts, we can launch it by following any of the below steps:

Appium – Launching Android Studio

Follow the below steps for launching Android Studio:

1) After the Android Studio is installed, a folder named ‘Android’ will be created inside the Program Files. Lets navigate to the folder by following the next steps.

2) Open any folder in your machine and click on ‘This PC’ option as shown below:

Appium - This PC Option

3) In the displayed drives, click on ‘C’ drive having the Windows installed as shown below:

Appium - C Drive

4) After going inside the ‘C’ drive, click on ‘Program Files’ folder as shown below:

Appium - Program Files

5) After going inside the ‘Program files’ folder, you will see the ‘Android’ folder which gets created on installing the Android Studio in your machine. Click on the ‘Android’ folder.

Appium - Android Folder

6) After going inside the ‘Andriod’ folder, click on ‘Android Studio’ folder as shown below:

Appium - Android Studio Folder

7) After going inside the ‘Android Studio’ folder, click on ‘bin’ folder as shown below:

Appium - Bin Folder

8) After going inside the ‘bin’ folder, double click on ‘studio64’ application as shown below:

Appium - Studio Application

9) Observe that the ‘Android Studio’ application will be launched as shown below:

Appium - Android Studio Application Launching

10) And the other simplest way to launch Android Studio in Windows machine is to search for ‘Android Studio’ and select it from the displayed list as shown below:

Appium - Easiest Android Studio Launching

Hope, you understood this article and will be explaining more about Appium related stuff in the upcoming articles.

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