Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2 (10 Questions)

Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2 (10 Questions)

Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2 (10 Questions)

Q1) Where can I download Appium installer files?

Answer: We can download Appium GUI from Appium official website Appium.io

Q2) How to install Appium via command prompt?

Answer: We need to first install node.js as a pre-requisite for Appium (Click here to find the detailed instructions on installing node.js). Once node.js is installed, launch command prompt and type command npm install -g appium (It takes some time to get Appium installed)

Q3) How to install old version of Appium?

Answer: By default, the latest version of Appium gets installed on trying to install it from the official website Appium.io .  Sometimes, the latest version may have some bugs or it’s not compatible for your automation scripts. In such cases, we can install the older or any specific version of Appium using the command npm install -g appium@version . Click here to see the list of Appium releases.

Q4) Where is Appium install location?

Answer: If you have installed Appium via command prompt, the default location will be C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules

Q5) How to check Appium version from the command prompt?

Answer: Launch Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and types the command Appium –version or Appium –v

Appium Version Check

Q6) How to start Appium from command prompt?

Answer: Launch Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and type appium  and press Enter key. Appium will start as shown below:

Appium Start Command line

Q7) What is the default port number of Appium Server?

Answer: By default Appium runs on port no 4723

Appium Server Port Number

Q8) How to start Appium at a different port instead of default port?

Answer: Launch Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and type either appium –port <port number> or appium –p <port number> as shown in the below screenshot:

Appium Non Default Port Start

From above images, you can see I started Appium using a new port (4725) other than default port

Q9) What is Android Studio?

Answer: Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment like Eclipse, IntelliJ) for developing Google Androids App’s.

To create Android Emulators, we need to have Android Studio installed in our machine.

Q10) What is an Emulator?

Answer: Android Emulator will emulate all the functions of a real device to develop or Test the Mobile App’s. We can create emulator for any Android device (Mobile, Tab etc.), OS, Screen Size, Memory etc.

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