Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 (10 Questions)

Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 (10 Questions)

Appium Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1 (10 Questions)

Q1) What is Appium?

Answer: Appium is one of the most popular and most used open source tool for Mobile App and Mobile Browser automation.

Q2) What device OS’s does Appium Support?

Answer: Appium support majority of the OS’s (irrespective of manufacturer) and hence supports the following OS’s.

  • > Android
  • > iOS
  • > Windows

Q3) What types of devices that Appium support?

Answer: Appium support Emulators and Real Devices(Phones & Tablets.)

Irrespective of the device manufacturer, if you write a piece of Appium code that is working in one device, the same code will work on other devices too.

Q4) What OS’s version does Appium support?

Answer: Appium requires minimum OS version to automate any apps. The following versions are the supported:

  • > Android OS should be >= 4.2
  • > iOS version should be >= 10.0 as of this article published date May 22, 2019 (As a rule,  Appium will support only latest two iOS versions. You can check the latest iOS versions here)

Q5) What language does Appium support?

Answer: We can automate mobile app’s using following programming languages:

  • > Java
  • > Python
  • > C#
  • > Ruby
  • > JavaScript
  • > PHP
  • > Objective C (From Apple)

Q6) Different types of Apps does Appium support?

Answer: Appium supports all 3 types of Apps described below:

  • > Native Apps – Apps installed from play store or app store and there is no web view inside app (ex: Calculator) can be automated using Appium.
  • > Hybrid Apps – It’s combination of both native components and web view (ex: Amazon shopping app)
  • > Mobile Web Apps – Appium has the capability of automating default browsers in Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari)

Q7) How many ways we can install Appium?

Answer: We can install Appium in two ways:

  • > Appium Installer (.exe for Windows OS and .dmg for Mac OS)
  • > We can also install Appium CLI using npm

Q8) What is node.js?

Answer: node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment.

Q9) What is NPM?

Answer: The following points will describe NPM:

  • > NPM stands for Node Package Manager
  • > NPM is worlds largest library for packages
  • > It’s open source and free to use (No need to purchase or pay for license)
  • > NPM will be installed along with node.js (i.e. If you install node.js in your machine, NPM will be automatically installed as part of it)

Q10) How to install and setup node.js?

Answer: For detailed steps of installing and setting up node.js in your machine, refer to this post: Install Node.js and Configure

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