Appium – Installing node.js and npm

Appium – Installing node.js and npm

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In order to install Appium, we need to first install node.js and npm.

When we install node.js, npm will get installed automatically. Hence no need to install npm separately.

In this article, I am going to explain the step by step process for installing node.js.

Lets gets started.

Appium – Installing node.js and npm

Follow the below steps for installing node.js in your machine:

1) Open https://nodejs.org/en/download/ in any browser. Scroll down and click on Previous Releases

2) On Previous Releases page Click on Node.js 10.x

3) Now Click on nodejs v10.15.3 .msi installer

4) After Downloading Installer file, Start installing it. Below are the installation screenshots.

5) After Finishing Installation of Nodejs. Click on windows/start button from keyboard and write CMD in search bar and click on it. Command prompt will get open.

6) Now to know whether node.js have been configured properly on windows machine. Write and run node -v in the command prompt. Installed version of node.js should appear on command prompt.

Like-Like-wise we can confirm for NPM as well by writing npm -v.

This shows that Node.js and npm has been installed and configured successfully.

Next Steps:

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