Appium – Enabling debugging mode in Android devices or emulators

Appium – Enabling debugging mode in Android devices or emulators

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In order to execute our Appium Test Automation scripts on the desired Android Emulator or Android device, we need to enable the debugging mode in these emulators/devices before hand.

In simple words, Appium Test Automation scripts won’t be executed on the android devices or emulators who’s debugging mode is in disabled mode.

In this article, I am going to explain the step by step process for enabling the debugging mode in Android devices or emulators.

Let’s get started.

Appium – Enabling debugging mode in Android devices or emulators

Follow the below steps for enabling the debugging mode in Android devices / Android emulators:

1) Launch Android Emulator from Command Prompt (Refer this article to launch the Emulator)

2) Tap on ‘Settings’ option in the Emulator as shown below:

Note: We say Tapping instead of Clicking in mobile terminology

Appium - Enabling Debugging Mode - Tap Settings

3) Tap on ‘System’ option, on the Settings screen as shown below:

Appium - Enabling Debugging Mode - System Settings

4) In the displayed ‘System’ screen, Tap on ‘About Emulated device’ as shown below:

Note: In real device, this option will be shown as ‘About device’.

Appium - About Device

5) In the displayed ‘About emulated device’ screen, scroll down to the end and Tap on ‘Build number’ option as shown below:

Note: The below option won’t be opened in any separate screen, but you will see some messages which will be explained after this step.

Appium - Build Number

You will see a message like ‘You are now 2/4 steps away from being a developer’.

Appium - You are 2 or 4 setps away

Keep on tapping the same ‘Build number’ option, until you see the message ‘You are now a developer’.

Appium - You are now a developer

This message means that the Debugging mode got enabled on your Android device.

Hence you can run your Appium Test Automation scripts on your device.

6) You can confirm in other way too. Go back to ‘System’ screen and Tap on ‘Advanced’ option to expand it:

Appium - Advanced Option

Observe that ‘Developer Options’ option will be displayed as shown below:

Appium - Developer Option

7) In the displayed ‘Developer options’ screen, observe that ‘USB debugging’ is in enabled state as shown below (i.e. Debugging mode is enabled):

Appium - USB Debugging

In future, when you want to disable this debugging option, simply come to this ‘Developer Options’ screen and Tap on ‘On’ to turn it off as shown below:

Note: Don’t turn it off now. As we will be using this emulator for executing Appium Test Automation Scripts.

Appium - Turn Off when required

Here concludes this article.

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