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Achieving 100% QA Coverage for User Journeys

Achieving 100% QA Coverage for User Journeys

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Achieving 100% QA Coverage for User Journeys

In this next article of the Vitaq AI Test Automation Tutorial Series, I will demonstrate how we can achieve 100% QA Coverage for your required ‘User Journeys’ to achieve our Test Automation goals.

User Journeys:- A User Journey in simple terms is the path you expect a user of your web or mobile app will travel to achieve a use case. In Vitaq AI we create these by selecting the desired Test Actions in our Test Activity Diagram to achieve the desired Test Automation goals.

Steps to Create User Journey and Achieving 100% QA Coverage in Vitaq AI are:-

1) Open the Desired Test Activity Diagram in which you want to create your user journeys. I have already created 25 User Journeys in the Test Activity Diagram I was working with. Creating one more User Journey VTB_26 for Demonstration Purpose.


2) By default, you will be on the Test Action Scripts tab. Click on Sequences Tab and click on “+” Button.


3) Name your user journey, I am giving it as name VTB_26 as I have already created 25 user journeys before creating this one.

4) Now select your test actions from the Test Activity Diagram which you want to traverse during your user journey to achieve your test automation goals.

5) After Selecting your desired Test Actions. Click on the Ok button and on the left panel under the Sequences tab find your user journey added at the bottom.

6) Click on Edit and select Preferences in the top banner menu of Vitaq and Enable Use Coverage and Use AI Checkbox.

7) Click on System Tools and click on LX Terminal. And Run below Command to run Vitaq Js Client.


8) Open Another Terminal and Run below command to run Selenium Server. 


Now we are all set to go and hit the Run button in Vitaq AI.

9) Click on the Run Button with Blue Play Symbol present on the top of the Vitaq window. By Clicking on it, Vitaq’s Machine Learning AI Algorithm will Start running continuous highly-variable auto-generated tests. Each new ‘seed’ run it makes will inform the AI algorithms to learn how to focus in on the required User Journeys gradually learning the traversal paths and executing tests until it achieves 100% test coverage.

10) To see the percentage of test coverage covered achieved at any given time we can click on Coverage Button. It will display our percentage of test coverage which has happened during the run till it gets completed and shows 100% Test Coverage.

This is how Vitaq AI helps us to receive 100% QA Coverage for All our User Journeys through the unique and powerful Machine Learning AI Algorithm embedded in Vitaq AI Test Automation Tool.

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