Software Testing – Interview Questions

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I have created this page with an intention of collecting Software Testing Interview questions from various areas like Manual Testing, Selenium, UFT and so on. This page will be get updated on a regular basis for adding more questions to the existing list. Also, if you find any question not covered in this page, you can email me at [email protected]

Manual Testing – Interview Questions:

  1. What is Functional Testing?
  2. What is System Testing?
  3. Difference between SDLC and STLC?
  4. What is the Entry Criteria?
  5. What is the defect tracking tool you used?
  6. Provide an example of High Severity and Low Priority
  7. Difference between test case and test script?
  8. What is the project backlog and iteration backlog?
  9. What is the Retrospective meeting?
  10. What is a Test plan and what are the different components inside it?
  11. What are the different methodologies in Agile?
  12. Differences between Project Manager and Scrum Master?
  13. What are the responsibilities of Product Owner?
  14. What is Scrum team and what is your size?
  15. Write SQL querty to retrieve the highest salary in a table?
  16. Write SQL querty to retrieve the second highest salary in a table?

Selenium Automation – Interview Questions:

  1. What is customized XPath?
  2. Difference between Array and ArrayList?
  3. What is BDD and its use?
  4. Explain your framework?
  5. What is the folder structure of your framework and explain each folder?
  6. How to do parallel testing in TestNG?
  7. How to create the job in Jenkins?
  8. Explain the Lifecycle of Maven
  9. Explain different Git commands?
  10. How to close the DB Connection?
  11. How to handle the dynamic tables?
  12. How to handle multiple frames?
  13. What is the difference between Implicit wait and Explicit wait?
  14. What is Encapsulation?
  15. What is abstraction?
  16. What is the difference between HashMap and Hashtable?
  17. How to define elements using @FindBy annotation?
  18. How to set the Firepath Profile in Selenium WebDriver?
  19. How do you connect to DB in your Framework?
  20. How to run the test scripts in Jenkins?

Meanwhile, I work on updating this page with more interview questions of Software Testing, please feel free to email any software testing interview questions which are not covered to [email protected]

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