What is System Testing?
System Testing is one of the Software Testing levels, in which the complete integrated system is tested to verify its behavior against specified requirements. The below are few points, which help you in understanding System Testing in more detail: System testing is generally performed after Integration testing and before Acceptance testing. System testing involves both functional… (0 comment)

What is Integration Testing?
Integration Testing is one of the Software Testing levels, in which the individual tested units are integrated (i.e. combined) and tested in groups. The main purpose of Integration Testing is to identify the defects which result from the interaction between combined units. Real world Example: Let’s take an example of a mobile phone, where the… (0 comment)

What is Unit Testing?
Unit Testing is one of the levels of Software Testing, where the testing is performed on the isolated smallest units of Software Application programs. Unit in Unit Testing is nothing but the smallest piece of software code which is testable. Examples of a Unit in programming are methods (also known as functions, procedures), classes and… (0 comment)

What is Grey Box Testing?
Grey Box is a method of software testing, which is a combination of Black Box Testing and White Box Testing methods. In Black Box testing method, the internal coding structure of the application is unknown to the testers. In White Box Testing, the internal coding structure is completely known to the testers. In Grey Box… (0 comment)

What is White box Testing?
White box testing is a method of Software testing, which tests the code and internal program structure of the Software. White box testing is also known as: Clear box testing Transparent box testing Glass box testing Structural testing Difference between the Black box and White box testing: Black box testing is a method of Software… (0 comment)

What is Black box Testing?
Black box testing is a method of Software testing, which is also known as Specification-based testing, Behavioral testing, and Close box testing. Using the Software Requirements and Specifications provided by the Clients, Black box testing is performed to test the visual functioning of the software without looking into the internal code structure, design, and implementation.… (0 comment)

What is Sanity Testing?
Sanity testing is a subset of Regression testing which is performed to verify whether the minor bug fixes or minor changes (which are done on the stable software) are working fine, by only verifying the changed or related functionalities in depth. Sanity testing is generally performed when the minor changes or fixes are done on… (0 comment)

What is Regression Testing ?
Regression testing is a type of software testing which is performed on the previous working functionality, to find out any issues that may have got introduced by newly adding or updating the application code base. i.e. Regression testing ensures any enhancements or bug fixes or new additions in the software code, has not introduced any… (2 comments)

What is Smoke Testing ?
Smoke testing is a type of testing in which only the major or critical functionalities of the Software are tested on the provided build before moving to the detailed testing phase. The purpose of this testing is to check whether the Software Application is ready for detailed testing. If the application fails in Smoke Testing,… (2 comments)

What is Software Testing ?
Before understanding what is Software Testing, we have to first understand what is meant by the word Testing. Lets first understand the meaning of the word Testing in the real world. As humans, we generally Test something to find out whether it is working or not. Example for Testing: Let’s say you have brought a new Television and… (2 comments)