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Hey there, thanks for your interest in reaching out to know more about me.

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About Me > Arun Motoori 

I create content around anything related to Software Testing.

I have 12 plus years of experience in Software Testing field.

I have worked for the companies ZenQ (8 years) and OSI Digital (4 years).

From the beginning of my career, I was fond of blogging and trainings.

So I left my job on March 15, 2019 (i.e. after 12 years) and started fully contributing to the Software Testing Blogging and Training side.

My Mission

I have now set a mission to help the Software Testing Community in all possible ways.

What drives me?

I always dream of making my parents and family proud with my work one day. I am eagerly waiting for that day 🙂


My Contributions so far:

Website Blog Posts & Testing Tutorials:  QAFox.com (Latest) and Selenium-By-Arun.blogspot.com (Old is gold)

Youtube Channel: Click here 

My Quora Answers: Click here

LinkedIn Profile (12K+ contacts): Click here (I am more active here and you can see me posting every day)

Udemy Profile: Click here

Video Courses:  The following are the different video courses we have so far:

  1. Selenium Video Course
  2. API Automation Video Course
  3. Security Testing Video Course
  4. Java for Testers Course
  5. Many more are coming soon.


Contact Me:

You can contact me on all these below different platforms:

  1. Linked In – Click here to connect
  2. Google Mail or Chat – [email protected]
  3. Official Email – [email protected]
  4. Skype ID – arun.motoori
  5. Whatsapp / Call – +91 – 9908895533

Always ready to help.

Happy Learning 🙂

Arun Motoori

Founder at QAFox.com

Arun Motoori
Arun Motoori